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Yandere Boyfriend/girlfriend Scenario

Yandere Boyfriend/girlfriend Scenario

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Hisan Mizari By The_Dark_Mist Updated Apr 08

||❝ You're mine and only mine. I won't hand you over to anyone else for you are mine and only mine. Always ❞|| 
           。。。Kon'nichiwa Reader, I'm The_Dark_Mist and as you can see, this is a Yandere Boyfriend Scenarios. There will be three guys and two girls inside this book and I will put their profile. Since this is a Yandere Boyfriend Scenarios..
           I won't do a chapter like, Your First Date or Your First Kiss. After all, in this book you have been with them for such a long time. BTW, I will make How You Meet, just in case you want to know how you meet them..
           And Just think that chapter is some kind of flashback. Anyway, I hope you have a fun day in a Yandere hell with me. Bye-Bye~ ;3。。。
      ♕BTW, I don't accept request and now, let's start the story, shall we?♕
           WARNING: This story may contain strong language, gore, violence and sexual theme. You have been warned
          (C) : I don't own the cover but I do own this book, plot line, myself and my OCs and please don't steal the plot line..

Stop going on about your non existing boyfriends, nobody cares. You're on Wattpad reading a Yandere x Reader with an undertale profile picture, we all know you're single and young.
Damn, he looks like my actual bf minus the red eyes (his are green)
                              *Ahem* That is soooo Senpai... I don't care if they're yandere thier MINE *Grabs Bow and Arrow and suits up*
Wow he looks like my childhood friend but without the warm clothes
MlpFangirl123456789 MlpFangirl123456789 Dec 30, 2016
He looks exactly like me...OUR BABIES  WILL LOOK LIKE ME :3!!!
Oh My, It's SENPAI *Blood gushes out of nose* Aw sh- *runs out with flushed face* YOU AIN'T SEE NOTHING