<~Captivated Love~> (Joker X Reader)

<~Captivated Love~> (Joker X Reader)

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LJGemini16 By LJGemini16 Updated Nov 06, 2016

Storyline: To you, you were an average girl that worked at a library down in Gotham. You thought you were like any other girl in the world......... That is until the one and only psychotic Clown Prince comes along and takes you as his hostage...

What will become of you?? 

Will you become his princess or will you become nothing but his play thing???

Find out for yourself! ;)

I actually thought he was going to say virginity or smth and I was very worried.
I started to sing CRAZY by stevie wonder i WONDER why.........
*faints**wakes up* What happened? *looks at phone**faints again*
HandrisFOOD HandrisFOOD Dec 28, 2016
Thanks for sharing pictures 
                              High resolution and awesome 🃏🃏🃏💚💛💘💓❤
But I don't remember carving it out of you're chest hmmmmmmm XD idfk