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Black Butler Roleplay

Black Butler Roleplay

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AW GAW D ITS F UCKI N G DISGUST ING By quaintdoodles Updated May 06


Janicanna Janicanna Apr 26
Name: Spain Leonhart 
                              Age: 16
                              Gender: female
                              Likes: books, jokes, training, their master
                              Dislikes: when their lord gets hurt
                              Personality: narcissistic, funny, friendly, sporty, approachable, but can get a little harsh sometimes.
                              Crush: none/open
Name- Estella Dimond 
                              Age- 14
                              Gender- female
                              Likes- order and corsets
                              Dislikes- disobayed 
                              Personality- feminine, posh, Tsundere
                              Extra- queen Victoria's daughter 
                              Crush- Elizabeth midford
name; ariana e. lawyer. 
                              age; 14. 
                              gender; female. 
                              likes; painting. 
                              dislikes; being disobeyed. 
                              personality; strict, harsh, loving, artistic, crazy. 
                              extra; she is allergic to red dye.
                              crush; ciel or alois.
zuse2014 zuse2014 Mar 14
Name:Storm Johnson 
                              Dislikes:judgemental people 
                              Personality:stubborn,sarcastic,funny,antisocial,hot Tempered
                              Crush:Ciel Phantomhive
jf512274 jf512274 May 10
Name: Rose Amori 
                              Age: 16 
                              Gender: female 
                              Likes: find out 
                              Dislikes: find out 
                              Personality: nice, kind, helpful, confident 
                              Extra: none 
                              Crush: Joker and Sebastian
Name: Alice
                              Age: 14
                              Gender: she is gender fluent so i dunno
                              Likes:  candy, sweet food, animals, drawing, cooking, and singing
                              Dislikes: People who are rude to her, and people who have hurt her before
                              Personality: shy, caring, loyal, is kind of tomboyish, and kind of insane
                              Crush: Ciel and Alois