Less Than Perfect

Less Than Perfect

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Lora By Haven84 Updated May 25

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@Bluemnms says 
I love this! It's so fantastic! I love the universe that you've set up here, it's a nice divergence from typical werwolf stories. And I adore Claire - you've written her so well!  She feels like a real, dimensional character to me. Her reactions are all reasonable, and you demonstrate an amazing ability to convey the mix of emotions she's feeling throughout the story. Her scenes with Ava are really cute too. All of your characters seem very real to me, though, and not like caricatures, from Asher to Brittany to Ava to Amanda. None of them fit any sort of stereotypical role. I also adore that you show Claire having real friendships and relationships with other people. It helps make her so much more realistic than either abandoning her friends or not having any other relationships aside from a romantic one. This story is amazing, and such a fresh, original take on what is often a poorly and overdone plot line. I can't wait to read more!! Thank you for posting this!


Claire is one of the lowest ranking wolves in her pack, and she's perfectly ok with that fact. 

Asher is the pack Alpha. He is powerful and a bit aloof, but that's to be expected from someone of his rank. 

Both of them believe that they have this life figured out, until trouble from the past brings tragedy and change that no one could have predicted. Now, they will have to learn to change what they can, and accept what they can't change. But can they pull together before tragedy strikes again?

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