The Alpha  H.S

The Alpha H.S

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Daniella By danderson4 Completed

Juile rose is a werewolf but was raised my the king and queen of vampires. Werewolves and Vampires are enemy's but the king and queen took Julie has theirs. Julie also came with a older brother. His name is Zayn. He is 20 and Julie is 18 both are werewolves but Julie is a special werewolf. Julie is a white wolf people haven't seen a white wolf in over 200 years. Julie doesn't know that.  So her parents made Zayn and Julie prince and princess of vampires. On Julie's 18th birthday she asked her parents if she can go on a adventure by herself. Her parents said yes because they know she can take care of herself. 

Harry Styles the prince of werewolf has been trying to find his mate for years. Now he is 19 and he can only clam to be the king and the alpha is his pack in till he finds his mate. Will Julie and Harry cross path? Will Julie like Harry?

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