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Pokemon Book Of Smut

Pokemon Book Of Smut

14.2K Reads 78 Votes 8 Part Story
DragonfilmsAndOCs By Dragonfilms Updated Jan 30

Eighteen years or older to read.
Mature content inside.
Adult themes are in this book.
If you are not comfortable / not of legal age to read this book, kindly do not read it.
Adult themes are centered around the theme of Pokemon, and all of its games/characters/story.

So if you don't like that either, there's and exit stage left, and if you feel like reporting this book because you don't like said themes...

Then you can go and f*** yourself.
Yes I'm censoring f*** because wattpad states I should.

Description for those who agree/fall into the warnings;

My sixth installation of smut, this time around the adventure known as Pokemon! Following the wake of my main book being swallowed whole by a glitch, I thought I might as well rebirth it like a Phoenix but in the form of Pokemon.

(Author is oblivious to any Pokemon above Black's generation, anything below it is fine, as I'm sure I've seen it all.)

Warning: 18+
Can't yell at me now watty! I have warnings.

slavetomyfame slavetomyfame Aug 12, 2016
I would make a request, but im tired 9f people sending mr messages because of my request, 9n any book
Dragonfilms Dragonfilms Aug 14, 2016
@Kanelegend is it happening on my books as well? If so tell me when and where and I'll see if I can't defuse some critics.
slavetomyfame slavetomyfame Aug 16, 2016
What about Picachu and a Riachu? Probably spelled that wrong
slavetomyfame slavetomyfame Aug 17, 2016
Riachu as the male, and dominant, picachu as the 'female" figure, even if he is male
Dragonfilms Dragonfilms Aug 12, 2016
@Kanelegend -sees someone already commented- wow a request that fast? -sees you not even breaking any rules- -10 to hopes (kidding)
Dragonfilms Dragonfilms Aug 17, 2016
@Kanelegend oh hey, anything specific? Also I'm just gonna be real tedious and ask what genders you want them as?