Hidden Love (Rydellington (Rydel Lynch and Ellington Ratliff) / R5 Fanfiction)

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motleymindedlumpish By motleymindedlumpish Updated a year ago
Rydel and Ratliff don't know that they love each other. They have a bitter relationship and sometimes they don't get along very well. Rydel isn't as "good girl" material as she seems to most fans and has a secret past. Not that her past is her fault. What no one knows is that her past involves Ratliff, who used to be her childhood best friend. He tries to reach out to her because he realizes that he wants to be with her, but Rydel gets too caught up in a boy named James who turns out to have a secret of his own. Very dark secrets...
I am absolutely saying this to the next person who annoys me
@emmagolde understand that it is just a story... as rydel said It is just a Fanflict (laugh eternally)
@emmagolde hahaha just turned 13 last january! Kids these days... (even though Im one of them)
That's really funny bc I'm 12 and reading a rydellington fanfic