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What He Hides

What He Hides

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Twoony By Twoony Completed

Starting out at the tender age of 13 we see the struggles Atlas goes through before jumping 4 years later when Atlas is still struggling but managing to make it through high school. Atlas pretended to be a normal high school boy who loved hockey and girls. Half of that was true, he loved hockey but not girls, which was a problem seeing as he lived in Meadow Valley, Pennsylvania, located on the bible belt where homosexuality was a sin and you were shunned for it. Atlas felt it was hard enough having sisters that were praised for everything they did while he struggled to keep his stern and religious fathers love by playing sports. He couldn't imagine what he would have to do to keep himself off the streets if the truth came out that he was interested in men.

Atlas made sure that it didn't come out. Atlas pretended to be what he wasn't in order to survive, to keep what he desperately wished to have, family, friends and a career in the NHL. Sadly, life was not easy for anyone and especially not Atlas who found it exceedingly difficult to distance himself from the one that drove his senses wild the most; Dakota Rowley and it seemed Dakota had some difficulty avoiding Atlas as well. The question wasn't what could possibly go wrong but what couldn't go wrong.

Queenkay234 Queenkay234 Apr 23
Everyone's commenting on the chapter and I'm here rejoicing cause I found another member of the clique
PsychoHeir PsychoHeir May 07
Atlas watch episode 9 of Bill Nye Saves The World; It'll do ya good lmao
My mum thinks school taught me this stuff. No mum, books taught me this stuff.
luna_3383 luna_3383 May 08
I never knew this talk was a thing, I thought you'd just find out yourself
Or or just hear me out get some sense of self and open your eyes and the athiesm will follow
JamesByr JamesByr Feb 17
the hypocrisy is that is Atlas really did come out to him the i bet the pastor wouldn't be nearly as friendly.