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Life in Myrsa was not easy. The Kingdom of Hope had become corrupt with heresy and treachery, as well as threatening dark forces lurking in the shadows, anxious to see everything crumble. 

Kinsha grew up on the cold, troublesome streets of Seca where he fought and killed his way to manhood in a land plagued with violence, hypocrisy and a tyrannical king. His actions over the years had given him a reputation of sorts as a murderous brute who cared for nothing but the thrill of a fight and the warm embrace of a woman shortly after.

The local tavern was where Kinsha and his less-than-lawful friends agreed to meet for several mugs of Rholo's fine ale, but the arrival of a stranger proposing him with an impossible task of the highest of risks had made things more awkward for him, especially when it was to murder King Nilah da Beral, the King of Hope. 
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Xanaphia00 Xanaphia00 Aug 13, 2017
The best way to grow as a writer is to write more. I commend you on your journey.