Rose And The Mafia (Editing)

Rose And The Mafia (Editing)

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_Secrets_89 By _Secrets_89 Updated May 03, 2017

(Book 1)
Rose valezquez is a regular seventeen year old girl. You know happy, moody, beautiful and the list goes on. But soon that changes. Accidents happen, you make enemies and you change for the better. Or worse? 

Rose later learns that her cousin is in the most deadliest mafia ever. And due to the changes that happen in her life, she wants to join. But in order for that to happen she has to become the opposite of what she is now. She has to be able to hold a gun at people's head without shaking in fear.

On her journey, she meets Giovanni Moretti, a handsome sexy Greek god, but he's also in the Mafia, on his way to becoming a leader.

Will they fall in love with each other, or will they end up hating each other?

Why don't you read to find out the rest?

  • action
  • badass
  • billionaire
  • breakup
  • drama
  • feisty
  • guns
  • hate
  • heartbreak
  • hot
  • humor
  • intense
  • italian
  • love
  • mafia
  • millionaire
  • murderer
  • newyork
  • romance
  • violence
ZaraBrar ZaraBrar Sep 24, 2016
omfl....wvjyff this chapter was blast and a bomb....awesome stat im really looking forward to read moe
ZaraBrar ZaraBrar Sep 24, 2016
@_Secrets_89 you are a really awesome writer...the way you put those puns is just reminded me of when my brother used to live with me....ugly monkey
simplyy_xoxo simplyy_xoxo Jan 18, 2017
My sister use to tell me those stories all the time 😂😂
Deshlyn Deshlyn Sep 28, 2016
You are such a good writer and this book is amazing by the way little brothers can be so anyone. ♥♥♥
DrakonHolmes DrakonHolmes Sep 26, 2016
Annoys the freebies out of her. Now that is a strange thing to visualize. Love it