Falling For Noah Miller

Falling For Noah Miller

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Why does a story have to be about a bad boy and good girl? Why does the guy always have to be bad? Why can't the story be about the good guy and the good girl? 

Skylar Greene isn't someone you would consider popular. In her free time she would rather spend her time in her room reading a Nicholas Sparks book, sleeping, watch re-runs of old tv shows, listening to Ed Sheeran or fangirling over superheros. She is awkward, lacking social skills, and is shy at times but rambles when she's nervous. She is so clumsy she is literally falling through life.

Noah Miller is someone you would definitely consider popular. He has the looks and is the best football player on the schools team. He isn't your typical popular guy who is rude to people who aren't popular. He is actually extremely nice to everyone which is why everyone loves him. He loves meeting knew people and having fun.

When Skylar and Noah meet in the nurses office one day, everything changes. 

Noah takes interest in her and drags the socially awkward girl to parties, football games, and even gets them in trouble with the cops. But he's only trying to show her a good time.

Soon enough Skylar finds herself falling for this guy. They start telling each other things they never told anyone before. Skylar actually thinks he likes her back and it can work out.

But when series of unfortunate events happen everything changes and Skylar doesn't know how anything will turn out.

Is falling for Noah Miller something she will end up regretting or something that will all be worth it in the end?

  • boy
  • clumsy
  • falling
  • girl
  • good
  • love
  • rambling
  • secrets
QueenHari QueenHari Aug 02, 2017
I trip up the stairs all the time.. one second im happily walking up the stairs , the next im kissing the stairs and my sisters laughing at me
Lil_Rj Lil_Rj Oct 28, 2017
HA! This is me asking my friend what to reply back of my crush texts me!!!!
walkingcthtrash walkingcthtrash May 28, 2017
My friends tell me that all the time and I'm like nope you're my best friend who doesn't want to be mean and nice to me
fayelynnn fayelynnn Apr 22
Me jumping to conclusions when my friend has one conversation with a guy.
stephyyyz stephyyyz Dec 12, 2017
I'm beautiful but my best friend calls me ugly. Jk who am I kidding? :-----( 😂