• Shipped Together • Kyungsoo × Reader •

• Shipped Together • Kyungsoo × Reader •

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NoonaEXO By NoonaEXO Updated Apr 18, 2017

(Y/N) was a successful solo artist. She had worked hard all her life and finally made it to the top. She has accomplished everything she's every wanted but one thing,
Meet her bias D.O Kyungsoo 
What happens when her fans discover her little secret and begin to ship the two together, and she accendentliy bumps into him 

[A/N] I made this story because there aren't many D.O x Reader stories, however this is my first story so please bare with me and I apologize before hand on any mistakes. Thanks for reading and enjoy! :)

Book 2 is coming!!

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Technically I prefer Tao out of ot12 with Xiumin in second place & Xiumin out of ot9 with Kyungsoo in Second Place
ICFrost ICFrost Mar 14
Nah, it's ok. Like everyone else says, I'll marry all of you!! ^_^
Am I the only one who thought of D.O. saying he'd be a farm boy if he wasn't a kpop star? Lol
Machelsa Machelsa May 03
Me reading this then me actually looking at myself.
                              An ugly weirdo who can't sing.
                              Ouch okay maybe that was too harsh on myself, but it's close enough.
"he put an object in a sock and threatened us with it!" -Men on a Mission
jonghyun-ah jonghyun-ah Nov 30, 2017
Lisoo or Kyungna or even Dona (lol dora) or maybe Lido? Ugh so many choices!!