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Bitter Brews ☕

Bitter Brews ☕

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sailor v ᵎ 🌙 By salonikavale Updated 2 days ago

Twenty-three-year-old Babe (who goes by Barbara, anyway?) Vogel is ready for her next big adventure. Adventure with a capital B. As in boyfriend. And she knows exactly who she wants to reel in, hook, line, and sinker: Levi Keller.
An artist with paint-smudged fingers and half-moon circles under his eyes, Levi washed up to the postcard-perfect Maine town of Oar's Rest months ago, and seems content to live like a hermit all summer. Other than the leather-bound notebook he carries with him everywhere he goes, the boy is an absolute mystery to the curious residents of the coastal town.
Determined to pull the hermit out of his shell, Babe embarks on a whirlwind, one-woman adventure to prove that someone who has never been anywhere or done anything can, after all, find a way to get a happy ending.
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Ooo I love Sam claffin Hehe can't wait to see how these characters make the story
- - Dec 17, 2016
How sad is it that ever time you mention Levi, I fail to disassociate myself from the Levi from Attack on Titan
FranEscape FranEscape Dec 20, 2016
Thanks for the visuals. I always enjoy seeing what the author imagines the characters to look like.
leia009 leia009 Aug 11, 2016
I was flipping through an Irish name meaning book and found "Salonika" under girls names :-)
Pure_Heroin Pure_Heroin Jan 05
I added this to my library because the main character has my name lol. Barbara. Not a lot of Wattpad leads have that name.
evoquant evoquant Oct 28, 2016
Rain blue eyes like the boy 😭 I like this, really excited to see where this goes.