Jarley (1st  book in series)

Jarley (1st book in series)

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Abby By Purple_Galaxy_04 Completed

What happens, when doing your job, makes you fall in love, with the craziest person on the earth, You can not stand living without him in your life.You would kill for him, live for him, or even die for him.Your love for him is unconditionally, you eventually decide that your love for him is too strong for you to handle anymore.You want to be with him, you can not live without him in your life, and nothing will come in your way to be with your Puddin.
Harleen Quinzel:Harley Quinn

this is really good. it would be better in instaces where she says things like " i dont feel nervous around you" it would make more sense if she said that in her mind than out loud. just what i think
Shawntigalore4 Shawntigalore4 Aug 22, 2016
I love this part in the movie also when he fell in the thing to save her💕💕💕
The_Furi_Weeper The_Furi_Weeper Dec 19, 2016
Definitely. When I go to my psychiatrist this happens all the time!
so-taesthetic so-taesthetic Aug 23, 2016
how can he put his arm around her waist when their both tied up?
harmonieeve harmonieeve Dec 30, 2016
Just a note to the author; I'm just started reading this and I totally ship and I'm going to continue to read, but I would be completely hooked if there was more detail, for example what kind of car does she drive, what's the color, dirty or clean, does she like the car, ext. :)
The_Furi_Weeper The_Furi_Weeper Dec 19, 2016
Who cares what color your bra is? We want character development.