The Blue Eyed Neko

The Blue Eyed Neko

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~ Forgettable ~ By GalaxyEmo Completed

Mark, a(n) youkai, has to scare off any neko that gets close to his home. And possibly even kill them. One day, Mark heard something from his backyard. A green haired neko was looking for food when he saw mark. What Mark didn't know, was that something was different about this neko.

- Septiplier
- cussing
- boy x boy
- Youkai x Neko
- Fluff
- Abuse
- Torture 

If you don't like any of the things up here ^ then don't hate on me please ._. Some people like this kind of stuff. Thank you!
And I will place a "Warning" before anything like smut or abuse happens. Please enjoy! Thanks!

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I read that as Darks blanket 
                              What are ya doin with darks blanket mark?
It's isn't in mine either 
                              Leave me by myself and I will freaking go mental in your house
                              -3- my record is covering the floors with sketch books and manga in at least a half an hour -3- I'm so proud for some reason
Fan fiction has ruined the word "master" for me. But d00d this is a nice story
                              Me- *picks him up* your coming home with me bubye mark
Nice, for your first Septiplier book, it's very interesting.
You know what else you should question your sexuality... Just saying