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Take My Hand

Take My Hand

527K Reads 6.4K Votes 23 Part Story
Jackie By JackieMarie92 Completed

How wise could it possibly be to help a stranger you find bleeding in an alleyway at two in the morning? This alone could have life altering consequences that may not be beneficial to your immediate health. But when that man informs you that he is not even human, what are you supposed to believe? Is he a psychopath? Or worse, could he be telling the truth? In "Take My Hand," Jocelyn Madison, a young woman with a painful past, makes the choice to show compassion for an injured man who turns out to be Gabriel Carson, a vampire who despises the very immortality he has been granted. The two meet by chance, but in a world where everything happens for a reason, they just might turn out to be the saving grace that heals the pain of each of their pasts and paves the way for a new future if they can simply embrace the love that each can offer the other. The road will not be easy, as life has the tendency to throw speedbumps in our path just when we think we can't handle anything more, but the reward will be all the sweeter in the light of the challenges that must be overcome to attain it.

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