Die For Each Other (Action Lesbian Stories)

Die For Each Other (Action Lesbian Stories)

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FireStarterXx By FireStarterXx Updated Jul 18, 2017

♥ Sequel to The House With the Neon Lights ♥ 

Shit is about to get real.

After both girls were with the wrong guys, for the wrong reasons, that's the least of their concerns. Bex is missing with only a breakup letter, random blood left behind, her love is blaming herself and determined to save her baby girl. 

But the bigger question is, who has her, and why?

Will getting her back truly insure her safety?

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- - Mar 19, 2017
Your styles of writing are very wide. I loved chapter one. Will read Chapter 2 very soon.
Larniebabycakes Larniebabycakes Aug 20, 2016
Hope you don't mind but I'm only currently reading 5, so I'm going to list those.
                              1. Die For Each Other
                              2. Teach Me: Guide Me
                              3. Freedom
                              4. Demi's Dungeon 
                              5. Wildfire
laaureentaayloor laaureentaayloor Aug 22, 2016
1- Alpha Authority
                              2- Teach Me
                              3- Die For Each Other
                              4- Here We Go Again
                              5- Wild Fire
                              6- Be Still My Heart
                              7- Demi's Dungeon
                              2.alpha authority
                              3.book 3 of the lovatic series (the actual title slipped my mind atm)
                              4.die for each other
                              I haven't read the others yet
TatjanadeGraaf TatjanadeGraaf Aug 21, 2016
1 be still my heart 
                              2 demi's dungeon 
                              3 wild fire 
                              1 teach me 
                              2 here we go again 
                              3 wild fire 
                              1 freedom 
                              2 Alpha
ftm_boi98 ftm_boi98 Aug 20, 2016
As long as Die for each other is number one!! I wanna finish these books before I read the other ones. 🙈