The dragon ninja [DISCONTINUED]

The dragon ninja [DISCONTINUED]

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Isa By AnimeLoLCats Updated Dec 25, 2017

Maya War is a member of fairy tail. She is a first generation universe dragon slayer. What if a vortex sucked in and dropped her into the naruto world? How will this affect team 7? Will she be able to get back or will she be stuck in the naruto world forever?

Disclaimer: I don't own fairy tail or any of the characters. I don't own naruto or any of the characters. I only own the characters I made.

Warning: slow updates

  • crossover
  • fairytail
  • magic
  • naruto
agustd030993 agustd030993 May 13, 2017
ceillust ceillust Oct 24, 2017
I had the same idea to make a book like this but with Nalu child but I suck at writing so
sleeplessInc sleeplessInc Nov 06, 2017
Y did he have to yell it out like dat
                              A simple “theres someone here” was enough
I_Love_Gay_LoL I_Love_Gay_LoL May 06, 2017
                              [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] You don't say??
Amyrosepetal Amyrosepetal Dec 08, 2016
I love this my names Maya I love crossovers that include fairy tail and Naruto love it when its a dragon!!!!! THANK YOU IM GRATEFUL PLS CONTINUE MAKING THESE AS I READ THEM!!!!!!
LoveAmorLifeVida LoveAmorLifeVida Jan 19, 2017
I watched naruto when I was like 4 and was like, papa look how smart their sensi is he's reading