Brilliant Red - K Project Fanfiction

Brilliant Red - K Project Fanfiction

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Sakura さくら By _shirochan Updated Dec 10, 2016

Akane Mizuki was found by Tatara Totsuka when she was sixteen, lying alone on the streets, without a home to go back to. He, along with the other members of HOMRA, took care of her, even though she wasn't part of HOMRA.

Akane was a Strain who could see a glimpse of the future once a while and she could see what emotions others are having whenever she wants to, but the most amazing power she has is to heal a King's Sword of Damoscles. She didn't know that she had that power, but many Kings could sense it. 

Mikoto Suoh, the Red King, found Akane's beauty, kindness, and humour, lovely, but there was also another King who thought the same thing, Nagare Hisui, the Green King.

One night, Totsuka was killed by the Colorless King. Akane falls into a deep depression after the death of her saviour and friend.

Which King would get her heart to be his and help her get revenge on Tatara?

Cover by @Jayesix

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