The Bad Boy Is My Best Friend

The Bad Boy Is My Best Friend

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XxImagination20xX By XxImagination20xX Updated Jan 02

When we first met it was not under the best circumstances, yet we couldn't leave the other alone. We kept coming back to each other again and again. Eventually hate turned to love, and no l don't mean romantic. He was my best friend and nothing would ever change that 

I accepted that he is flawed, ever since we became friends. That he does not make the best decisions, in fact he makes probably the worst. He drinks too much, uses girls, skips class, steals, and is involved with bad people, so yeah suffice to say he doesn't make the best decisions is an understatement. But I wouldn't judge him for being flawed everyone was. He was my flawed friend end of discussion. 

     I was fine with all the drinks and girls and cutting classes until one night. One night. One drunk moment. One mistake. Since that night things have changed. I have changed. We have changed.

We promised each other that nothing would ever change our friendship. Promise this we did, but clearly we couldn't tell the future.

I still remember how he said my name that night, "...Emery". I remember the way he said it. What he was doing when he did. The look in his eyes as he did. I remember it so clearly every time I close my eyes. 

Now the question remains: 
                           what happens now?

Cover done by: @snoopyANDwoodstick_

Tmanwyman Tmanwyman Nov 19, 2016
I'm already into reading this book... And I dislike reading to a point
drowninginmaplesyrup drowninginmaplesyrup Nov 09, 2016
I love how your summary starts with this. I can already tell that this is far different than your everyday 'bad boy' stories.
eunoialia eunoialia Dec 22, 2016
I'm listening to "breathe me" by sia, so that mixed with this is triggering my emotions and Idk why
Ritanitatita Ritanitatita Nov 07, 2016
Not a bad start. You might wanna read your writing aloud to fix some clunky bits, but that's my only suggestion
rebeccaroselovesmatt rebeccaroselovesmatt Dec 02, 2016
I already know I'm gonna fall for this friendship and not gonna wanna say good bye at the end of the book
Lomolma4 Lomolma4 Nov 12, 2016
Sounds great. .
                              Very interesting.
                              Looking forward to the rest of the chapters.