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My Boo💋

My Boo💋

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ταу ταу By TasiaBryantJordan Completed


Jamal is your typical Cali boy from Compton, who did some gangbanging with the Bloods at one point. Growing up for him was hard and he never really had anyone to call his 'family' for long. His love life is just basically f*ckin and duckin' the many hoes of Compton. But don't get that statement wrong, Jamal isn't a f*ckboy.....Well at heart he isn't. You'll see. Once a new girl comes to his town and they cross paths, it'll change him for the rest of his life. But of course not everything or anyone in the world is perfect. With love there is pain.

This is their love story, but not your typical love story😉. Enjoy. 👫💏💗

Thanks for the warning. You're awesome. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😘😘😘
Damnboi! Get some better hand writing. Here let me help you guys. It says. "We Claim This As Our Place."
There aint nothing else nigga.......chips and soda is life.....i jkjk
That's baby moms right there, she gonna be wifey in sec BOII!!!!😂💖💖💦👅👅😍👌😙😙🙏💎💍💒💐💐
Please give my bisexual romance/drama story "That Crush To Soulmate.Feeling" a chance. :) 
Three reds one black, let me guess the black one the leader?