"Forever?"      "Forever."

"Forever?" "Forever."

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Fremione. After the battle, much of the wizarding population is killed. A marriage law is passed, so that the Ministry has complete control over whom marries whom. I should update on Saturday, unless something bad happens, like I am assigned weekend homework. Enjoy!


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At least he is not trying to kill her like in other fandoms I see.
SilviaStoll SilviaStoll Dec 21, 2017
I don't think it was that bad I mean if they don't love each other anymore than that's fine
i_is_daddy i_is_daddy Dec 21, 2017
I’m pretty sure half the people in the fandom who lived don’t like Ron, he’s just a bitch
The_Broken_And_Alone The_Broken_And_Alone Sep 26, 2017
Who cares if it's short. This is like the first one I've seen where it's mutual and they stay friends!
Just, push him to the side to see Fred standing behind him, waiting with open arms.
Saoirse_Niamh-Rhodes Saoirse_Niamh-Rhodes Nov 05, 2017
I literally with my bff the other day was like the exact same like   I burst into a coughing fit and  shouted 'TOBY' but then she slapped me