Stupid Mooching Kittens (A Naruto Fan Fiction)

Stupid Mooching Kittens (A Naruto Fan Fiction)

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Revised Chapter(s): 1-2

Kim and Jade are two best friends, living fairly normal lives, but all that changed when ten adorable little kittens made their way into their lives.Turns out those kittens they took in were actually ninja from a different dimension. With ten new friends from a world unlike their own, their lives will never be the same.

Suicide_writer_3 Suicide_writer_3 Sep 26, 2016
Itachi like "bro you just got beat by a fangirl pathetic bitch"
flyingpomsky flyingpomsky Jun 25, 2016
I'm always like that. Thanking my friends for things that they didn't do.
_Ivy-chan_ _Ivy-chan_ Sep 03, 2016
Ok how are Sasuke and Itachi NOT trying to kill each other right now...
_Ivy-chan_ _Ivy-chan_ Sep 03, 2016
Hmmmm white...late....rubbing against a girls thigh....DAMN IT KAKASHI
Anime_cupcake_fan Anime_cupcake_fan Aug 07, 2016
Wait, so it could possibly be October 10th which is a certain ninjas birthday. Lol, I'll laugh if it says the date later and I got it wrong.
sapphireaautumn sapphireaautumn Feb 19, 2016
I always thought blaze was more of a red-head name but I like it here it kinda fits 😋