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To know your place

To know your place

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Nele By Nelly2560 Completed

When some of the new recruits notice the odd behavior of a certain servant towards their King and the other knights, they take measures in to their own hands to teach him a lesson. What will Arthur and his knights of the round table do when Merlin starts to act weird around them? English is not my language so bear with me please. Hope you like it. R&R!
I don't own Merlin! The BBC does. I just write this for my own pleasure. I don't earn anything with it.

If I owned Merlin I would make all the smut and it would never ever be shown anywhere and I would ruin so many people's lives
xXgameONXx xXgameONXx Apr 14
Do you still don't own Merlin? XD or did the things changed meanwhile?
I love how they act around each other like "Do you want to be put in the stocks today" means
                              "OH my god Merlin can you please shut up I would never actually do that without a good reason and you know that but it's fun to threaten you lol."
You hurt him you motherfuckers and i will personally make sure you learn YOUR place
Guys fücking chill. If the king's whole court doesn't mind him acting like an idiot then let it go. Also, if the king himself doesn't think it necessary to discipline him when he's the one being called a clotpole all the time it's clearly not a big deal
Merlin you're all besties and the king is your boyfriend. They all love you.