The Sweet Taste Of Rejection

The Sweet Taste Of Rejection

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M. N. Shane By nmoico Completed

Amy and Jace are back. And they are both are hungry for revenge.....

"Stop wriggling" Jace warned, in a heated yet seductive voice. His mouth was just above my ear, hot breath and his lips inches away from them, fanning my cheeks. He stepped backward again, my traitorous body flushing as he dragged me toward him. I felt his hair grazed my soft skin, a shiver spiraling down my spine.

Love. Betrayal. Trust. Commitments.
2nd Book Of "My Husband's Lover"

Tayishaa Tayishaa Nov 16
Couple really
                              Last time i checked boyfriend or husband doesn't order his partner to do stuff
Tayishaa Tayishaa Nov 16
I was thinking that too that how didn't he got to know about his children
Tayishaa Tayishaa Nov 14
What difference 
                              Would you have left Jordan
                              Maybe you would have snatched the baby
                              Speak up
The twins are supposed to be just around 18months if she left Jace 2years ago.  At that age, you can't just let the kids go walk on their own to get their own food.
nallieg nallieg Sep 29
He was just yelling at her and calling her names,like he hated her.....I don't get it
QueenChlox QueenChlox Feb 17
Omg a second book I love ur book My Husband's Lover sooo much that I finished the whole book in one day