Dear 10969 Frontman | Taka Moriuchi FF

Dear 10969 Frontman | Taka Moriuchi FF

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Aura Maryzark By mangkunifroggy Updated Aug 23

The title says it all. This story features the ONE OK ROCK frontman Takahiro Moriuchi. 

The situation: Winter loves the band ONE OK ROCK, especially the frontman Taka. She sends him a message everyday using her journal because it's impossible to meet him but what if ONE OK ROCK will go to her country for a summer vacation before their Nagisaen Tour and her journal lost only to end up to Taka's hands?


bbymnlght bbymnlght Apr 20
I don't actually know since I'm stuck between Taka and Toru. Author-chan, pwease help!! >~<
yuyabeary yuyabeary May 29
THANK U!!!!! Love u too!!!! Sooo happy to see OOR FanFictions!
mangkunifroggy mangkunifroggy Aug 11, 2016
Please support this story HAHAHHA thank you in advance 😘😘😘
imsojexcited imsojexcited Aug 11, 2016
I really look forward to read your English fanfics. Honestly I prefer English (Im so unpatriotic LELS). And it's Taka we're talking about here! Please update soon. :D
mangkunifroggy mangkunifroggy Aug 11, 2016
Yeah @imsojexcited I'll this story only in English HAHAHA I'll update soon because my internet bundle will expire any moment from now, lol wish we have a stable internet connection again XD