The Wolf In The Night

The Wolf In The Night

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I'll Kill You By Ereri4life-MyLevi Updated Feb 11, 2017

A 'WB' book

So this is another one of my werewolf books. I've decided not to call it a fanfic though I am using the characters from one of my favorite anime other than that this is a normal werewolf book


Let's just say I didn't live a normal life, in fact, no one in this small town did. Nothing was normal in this town anymore.


Levi is a 17 year old boy who, one day, got caught by the so called 'beast' that haunt the town every full moon. 

Levi isn't what you called a nice person. In fact he's the opposite. Saying it was their own fault they got taken. He holds a blank expression having no emotion apart from anger and annoyance. 

But that all changes when he's being chased down by the 'beasts'. He learns the real meaning of emotions as he's taken by a huge wolf. 


"Your like an open book. Even without the smell of your fear you can easily see it on your face. You can't control your emotions" 

I glare in hatred but my body shock in fear. Damn emotions! He smirks as he cups one of my checks which I quickly swat away. 

His smirk disappears and he takes a firm hold of my chin, turning it to the side and bearing my neck, showing the mark Eren gave me. 

"I wonder what would happen if I bit into his mark"

  • alphamate
  • danger
  • escape
  • fullmoon
  • humanmate
  • mates
  • possessivemate
  • vampires
  • werewolves
im_mama_hanji1 im_mama_hanji1 Nov 27, 2016
The one who is never worried is always the one who gets taken or something just happens to them first
PlutoMichaelis PlutoMichaelis Jan 06, 2017
It's not a book, it's more so of a one-shot, but it's in "Your wet book of Uke Levi (ERERI)" and if you go under my ereri, Riren, book list, you'll see it. The chapter is called 'Red riding hood'
im_mama_hanji1 im_mama_hanji1 Nov 27, 2016
When i read the title i started singing 'I'm like a thief in the night'