Between Us

Between Us

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mackdaddytee By mackdaddytee Updated Oct 08, 2016

Yella's pov 
"Well at least she's 2 weeks, shit she could've been 2 months" I explained to Eric while Cube was laughing. Eazy was walking around trying to figure out how to react knowing that he gotten his best friend's sister pregnant. Eazy was 22 years old and Namiko was 16, despite their age differences, this nigga actually began to develop love for her even if that meant that Namiko was Jason's little sister. 

"How do I even know that baby is mine?" Eazy said.

 "You were her first, so there's no doubt that baby isn't yours." I replied.

Just as Eazy punched the wall, Jason walked in. "Aye man, don't be hitting my walls." Jason retorted. Eazy replied "My bad homie".

He just couldn't stop thinking about Nami. He figured out something was wrong she started to slow down smoking and drinking. Everyone knew that they were dating, everyone except Jason. Man that nigga would flip out if he found out that she was dating Eazy and pregnant. Namiko walked in the door and her eyes lit up whe...