You Belong with Me [Ayano x Taro x Budo]

You Belong with Me [Ayano x Taro x Budo]

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Onajishi By Sabishix Updated Jul 10, 2017

Ayano's world came crashing down when something she could not have predicted happened.
Osana confessed to Senpai on Thursday, not Friday - meaning Ayano hadn't eliminated her, so she watched as her Senpai - Taro Yamada, an upperclassman, was stolen from her.
Ayano was lost. She didn't kill Osana or Senpai. She killed nobody. She just ran and cried in the girls bathroom.

Budo left his club room after hearing a loud noise coming from the girls bathroom. When he asked if she was okay, he had no doubt in his mind that it was his long term Kohai (crush) - Ayano Aishi. What should he do next?

Taro Yamada, Ayano's old Senpai, broke up with his girlfriend - Osana, because he had feelings for another girl. He lied about the breakup to a supportive Ayano, whom acted kindly and friendly towards him during the time of the breakup. 
Who could this girl be?

Yuuto is a new student on the block. He comes from a wealthy family, but is far from stuck up. He is a gentleman that instantly feels a connection with Ayano like he has with no other girl. He does nothing but love her and want the best for her, even if it means having to wait for her until she decides who she truly wants.

So it's up to her, who does she truly want?
It's time for the hunter, to be the hunted.
The athlete, to become the prize.
The Yandere, to become the Kohai.

Kohai simulator, coming soon.
(I'm kidding, but that'd probs be a good game. Anyway, on with the book! xD)

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PieKatStories PieKatStories Nov 23, 2016
At this moment Budo knew, he fuked up (I spelled it wrong on purpose)
_Rose_Princess_ _Rose_Princess_ Feb 21, 2017
This is the last of u books I have to read (that are published anyways) GET READY FOR COMMENT SPAM =P