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Wrong Guy

Wrong Guy

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⥤ tat ⥢ By heyitstat Updated 5 hours ago

❝Would it be wrong to think - to think, that I could make you so much happier?❞


Fawn Lockhart and Elliott Mass have never gotten along.

The water and oil of people they avoid each other at all costs, and when they do interact it's nothing but petty bickering and insults. Naturally, the two are less than involved in the other's life - let alone love life. But things seem to change when Fawn's long time crush, and interest of her affection - Lawrence, the nice guy, academic - seems to reciprocate her feelings. The problem? Well, Lawrence isn't exactly a nice guy.
And Elliott isn't exactly okay with that. 

Punches are thrown. Confessions are made. Tears stream. 
And an unexpected love will rise from the ashes of it all.

Three people. Three perspectives. Three stories.
Wrong Guy.


WARNING : Swearing and domestic violence
Cover by: Myself; heyitstat 
*I don't own the original image

sumeyaalington sumeyaalington Oct 08, 2016
I can't be mad at him for it since I ditched so much during my senior year :L
sumeyaalington sumeyaalington Oct 08, 2016
I just finished It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover so I'm kinda worried that he isn't a nice guy like Ryle.
young_writer21 young_writer21 Dec 01, 2016
She was fantasizing about him going with her to Jamaica and was too embarrassed to tell him
sumeyaalington sumeyaalington Oct 08, 2016
I like his p.o.v. I think you did a good job with writing in a guy's perspective.
kaylaj2102 kaylaj2102 Sep 10, 2016
And I know it's crazy to believe in silly things, but it's not that easy 🎶
maiamancuso maiamancuso Nov 04, 2016
Something about him seems so fishy. Honestly, he sounds like a good guy but my head is saying otherwise....