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Acceptance (BoyXBoy)

Acceptance (BoyXBoy)

218K Reads 4.2K Votes 25 Part Story
Emma Williams By EmmaWilliams66 Completed

Arrow has always had trouble understanding his sexuality. Whenever his best friend Paul talks about girls he finds himself wanting to agree but deep inside feels like he doesn’t feel that at all. Arrow is confused and doesn’t complete understand his own feelings and doesn’t plan to tell anyone but that is all about to change when a new hot guy shows up in school with all the girls over him as Arrow begins to have feelings for him. What Arrow needs is just Acceptance but is everything as it seems?

TheGayBabadook TheGayBabadook Dec 15, 2016
                              I don't care if you're panicking at the disco! Or wherever you are right now
                              Say what you mean
Jayfeather464 Jayfeather464 Dec 17, 2016
Me XD me and a guy had a thing going back in grade (year) 9 and he left before we could discuss whatever we had going on XD
ShawniesMuffin_Hoe ShawniesMuffin_Hoe Jun 30, 2016
I like am in the football team have a girl and I have great fashion sense. THUG LIFE!
Peterpanswonderland Peterpanswonderland Jul 11, 2016
How come no one in these stories can be bi like everyone is like oh idk if I'm straight or gay like bitch have u heard of bi,pan,omni,a,trans,etc... Like dafuck its like those r the only two sexualities u guys know
Applejuice97 Applejuice97 Jul 25, 2015
Um, yeah?  I'll ruin anyone's life who agrees with him. Green is awesome!
jarnbjorn91 jarnbjorn91 Aug 03, 2014
whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa never in your life will you do that again.