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Ze Awesomest Turtle By SunlightTurtle5 Updated May 27

Do you like Hamilton: An American Musical? Then imagine all of your favorite characters from the musical as toddlers at a pre-school run by George Washington! This book will have a series of short stories that are based off of events in the musical and things that happen to toddlers at normal daycare. There may also be some Q&As with the tots themselves. 

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Disclaimer: The comment section of this story is likely to be overrun with lyric chains and screaming Lams shippers, so if that annoys you just back away slowly and then pretend your a dead moose

KateKay46 KateKay46 Jul 16
I feel as if while Angelica and Peggy are on the seesaw Peggy is in the sandbox, pretending to not be ignored
RavenRenn RavenRenn Jul 23
My friends and I went to school wearing matching shirts.  One said 'Angelica', the other said 'Eliza', and mine said 'and Peggy'.
I live how Chris is the only person you have in the cast. All the rest and ghosts.
LoveEReader LoveEReader Jun 10
                              NEW BESTIES IN THE AAIIRR
RavenRenn RavenRenn Jul 23
Talk less, smile more.
                              -baby Burr sitting in timeout for talking too much-
Back then being on top of the monkey bars meant you were the cool kids