Listen To The Music | Dancetale!Sans x Reader

Listen To The Music | Dancetale!Sans x Reader

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Dancing has always been a part of you. It was a way to express how you were feeling without having to tell anyone. It was also a way to forget and let go of the awful situations you seemed to find yourself in. Which was unfortunately a lot. 

After running away from the death of your parents, you find yourself entering a strange city full of dancers, monsters and humans alike. 

You meet a skeleton while dancing in the middle of the forest late at night and over time start to develop strange feelings for him. Feelings that can make people do crazy things. 

While living in the city, you struggle with mean girlfriends, crazy adventures, confusing love, rivalries, a secret identity, competitions, and of course, dancing. 

You also struggle with two lives, the life of Y/N and the life of Myst. It's hard enough living one life, but when the other has fame and reputation, it's even harder to let go. 

But what happens when the person you love most finds out who you really are?


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CinnimonT CinnimonT Jul 15, 2017
Freaking sister looked over my shoulder again and asked
                              Sis: wait! G killed your parents!? (Because I was just reading hey, doll)
                              Me: *looks at her*1. that would be a pretty good plot twist
                              And 2. WTH?!
underfellkc underfellkc Jul 24, 2017
When stuff get from 0-100 real quick....
                              Me: back. The. Flip. Up......
FallenRainbow49 FallenRainbow49 Jul 11, 2017
Anyone else back for round two of this lovely book? 👍😊🤗
Epicgirlzombieslayer Epicgirlzombieslayer Dec 29, 2017
I am an orphan! I live on the streets. All I get to do to get money is sit. And look like a girl Thomas sanders. So, no questions there?
Epicgirlzombieslayer Epicgirlzombieslayer Dec 29, 2017
The miracle that will happen will be that you pass out, and sans finds you, and then you live with him and papy, then you become the greatest dancer of all time.
May-the-neko-kitten May-the-neko-kitten Sep 18, 2017
                              of course!
                              IM AN ORPHAN!!
                              ( If you get this refrence you are my best friend )