Listen To The Music (Dancetale!Sans x Reader)

Listen To The Music (Dancetale!Sans x Reader)

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Dancing has always been apart of you. It was a way to express how you were feeling without having to tell anyone. It was also a way to forget and let go of the awful situations you always seemed to find yourself in. Which seemed to be a lot. 

After running away from the death of your parents, you find yourself entering a strange city full of dancers, monsters and humans alike. 

You meet a skeleton while dancing in the middle of the forest late at night and over time start to develop strange feelings for him. Feelings that can make people do crazy things. 

While living in the city, you struggle with mean girlfriends, crazy adventures, confusing love, rivalries, a secret identity, competitions, and of course, dancing. 

You also struggle with two lives, the life of Y/N and the life of Myst. It's hard enough living one life, but when the other has fame and reputation, it's even harder to let go. 

But what happens when the person you love most finds out who you really are?


boi, am I the only one that would go over and beat him with a pillow? Just me?
It's just a flesh wound if you get that reference you get five stars
BRUH CALL THE POLICE YOU HAVE A PHONE (but tbh I would be panicked so much I'd forget to call too)
First thought: Milo you sunovabitch 
                              (Reference from another book on this awesome person's profile)
I'd stand at the top of the stairs and just say, "Excuse me, could you please leave?"
RainaTheRogue RainaTheRogue 5 days ago
*the thought of the future fills you with D E T E R M I N A T I O N*
                              I'm sorry, I just had to XD