Error Code: Dan Howell (Phan)

Error Code: Dan Howell (Phan)

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that person who writes fan fiction By FortheloveofPhans Updated Jan 25, 2017

Dan Howell is dying, or at least, he was dying. He was diagnosed with an illness that ruined him. He lost his hair and his heart started to beat slower and slower. He didn't want to die, no one does. But lucky for him, scientists were working with doctors to try and find a way to cheat death, and having no other options, Dan agreed to be the person they tested the final project on.

Now, Dan has a robotic heart that allowed him to live a normal life. But it came with some side affects, he has all knowledge on technology. He uses his newfound knowledge to hack into people's accounts and find all there dirty secrets to use against them if they make fun of him or something along that line. But when he hacks onto Phil's account he finds something that he didn't expect.

Tw: panic attacks, self harm mentions,

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phanler200964 phanler200964 Mar 13, 2017
Im jelous you took this idea xD i would die to use a similar idea in a story tbh
spacebitten spacebitten Sep 06, 2016
Hehehehehheheheheehheheehehehehe Get used to all the notifications again (;
creator1dx creator1dx Oct 01, 2016
hey i was wondering could you please check out my books (Trigger Word, Freaks and Nothing) i would really appreciate it if you could vote/comment on them and if u PM i will gladly return any votes/ reads/ comments ect. Also F4F??
lydia-lynn- lydia-lynn- Sep 06, 2016
Ok first things first Queen your goals second update because I'm jealous of you rn htf are you so good😖😖
spacebitten spacebitten Sep 06, 2016
                              Do you plan on having an updating schedule or randomly update? Whatever works best with you is fine with me since i'm online 24/7
Makeira_Chan Makeira_Chan Dec 05, 2016
Oh I'm sure you'll be looking at him a lot alone in your room if you know what I mean *wink wonk*