Reckless | Outlaws Book 2

Reckless | Outlaws Book 2

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Kyla By kg1994 Updated Dec 14, 2017

"Are you scared?" I looked over at Piper who was chewing on her bottom lip. We were standing on the 430 road bridge, in our underwear, getting ready to jump into the water

"What? No." That was a lie. Piper was terrified. She wasn't as reckless as I was, and she never would be. I smirked as I jumped off the bridge and let out an excited scream as my heart started pounding. The adrenaline made me feel alive. It made me feel whole.

Harper had always been a wild child. She loved driving fast, and she loved getting into trouble. She would do anything to get her adrenaline pumping; which is also why she was on a first name basis with every police officer in the county. She was only thirteen when she had her first police escort home, and only fifteen when she got her first speeding ticket. Her mom had come to the conclusion that trouble was in Harper's DNA. Her dad was the President of the biker gang, The Outlaws, and her older brother was the Vice President. She came from a long line of rebels, and lived for trouble. But then Harper was pulled over by the new and totally sexy police officer in town and everything changed. Would she be able to resist the one man on earth she shouldn't be with?

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Sminelis Sminelis Sep 02, 2016
So excited that u updated!! They are so ugh!! Im just waiting for the next chapter 😱😉😍😫😫
escaping_Life08 escaping_Life08 Sep 02, 2016
It kinda reminds me of the movie  single mom club with all the second meanings lol
aesthetikdolans aesthetikdolans Jan 05, 2017
Wtf you can run a yellow light it means hurry tf up its about to be red