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*MatureContent. 18+ Only.* 

*Category : Dark Romance*

Nobody knows his real name. 
Nobody know where he came from. 

All you have to know is, to not cross paths with him and follow the basic rules of living in the country he owns and worshipped at.
That are....

1. Don't lie to him. He doesn't give second chances.
2. Don't steal from him. He never forgives. 
3. Never disrespect him. He will make sure you wet your pants before you even speak his name again. 
4. Don't talk unless he wants you to. He is dominating.
5. This is the last and the most crucial one. The one that will result in getting a bullet in between your eyes. 
Never. Ever. Look at the girl he owns. Never talk to the girl he owns. Never touch the girl he owns. Never flirt with the girl he owns. She ONLY belongs to him. If you do. You are dead. No questions or explanations asked. 
Her name is Scarlett. 
And the only thing he wants you to know about her is and I quote. "She is MINE". 

Good luck living in Rage's world. 

And before you ask wether he is the basic Wattpad Alpha Male, who is a cold blooded, ruthless Mafia leader who deals in drugs and weapons. 
He is not. 
Or wether this is yet another innocent girl and Mafia leader love story. 
Its not. 

Rage is the "God" to the people of his country. 

And the girl he owns.... 
Well she is just another girl who gives no shit wether he is a "God" or not. 
She is the one Rage will bow down for and worship to.

Start Date: 12th August, 2016. 


" Cause When You Look Like That. I've Never Ever Wanted To Be So Bad...." - Troye Sivan

This is my thought process it's like WOH DUDE YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT what are you do- OH MY GOD I HAVE A MATH TEST TOMORROW I should listen to bts rn
BISH this is not okay. Take your hands off of her before I chop them off
x_Miill_x x_Miill_x May 09
I mean if I say Diego barrueco I'd have the same ass reaction 😂🤷🏽‍♀️😍
Favsong12 Favsong12 Jun 09
I did a waitressing job as a summer job just for some extra cash  and it was horrible. I had to acc talk to people. What kind of world do we live in where we have to socialise with others?!
GossipGirl101010 GossipGirl101010 2 days ago
I loved the description so much I read it 3 times, no lie. 😍😍
HeavenlyDia HeavenlyDia Mar 08
Bruuuuhhhhh didn't your mama teach you to not touch ladies panties 😤😊