My New Life

My New Life

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Oh Shit Boi Waddup By Smolograph Completed

Jack's life isn't the best. He has an abusive boyfriend that would beat the shit out of him for the smallest of things. One day Mark comes across his Snapchat when looking for Felix (because Mark is stupid and didn't write it down like a goober). Out of his stupid action, a friendship blossomed between them.

Let's just hope it lasts.


Warning: Includes scenes of rape and sexual intercourse.

miss231 miss231 Aug 17
Breakfast I though it was night do they have breakfast at 3am?
miss231 miss231 Aug 17
Wait hold up, hold he's not gay is he pansexual, bisexual?
Rose_Iplier Rose_Iplier Aug 01
Was it this guy: 
                              (•.•)/ hi
                              (•.•) my name is
                                [Dan]        ?
I am sooooo glad I'm on my bed and not on the stairs I would have FALLEN in love
                              No?? I'll leave
miss231 miss231 Aug 17
I think we should take Matt to  counseling its the worst punishment XD
Me: *kidnaps Matt and ties to chair and puts a rolling table in front of him with knifes on it*"choose a knife"
                              Matt:*chooses the smallest knife*
                              Me:"awww you think you're smart huh?" *evil laughs then takes out lemonade and kids bop* "you picked the best one"*evil laughs and censored stuff*