Wattpad ~ Jacksepticeye X Reader ❌ON HOLD ❌ #Wattys2017

Wattpad ~ Jacksepticeye X Reader ❌ON HOLD ❌ #Wattys2017

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On hold By Seansepticeye_ Updated Aug 26

As a fangirl to the level you are; writing a fanfic is a must but you didn't know that your favourite reader was actually him...

Jack's POV

"Come on Jack! You have to it's dare" Mark shouts through Skype. 

"Do I have to?! Really?" I groan as I look at my other monitor that had the sign up page on it. 

"Yeah!" Felix laughs. What did I get myself into?

"Fine I'm signing up now" I say as I type my email in. 

"What's my name going to be?" I ask as I look around the room. 

"JseSam!" Mark exclamations as he points at the Sam plush that's behind me. 

"Okay" I say wistfully as I type. "You might as well of done the dare" I mumble as I type down my password. 

"Okay! It's done now what do I have to read?"

"A fanfic duh!" Felix laughs.


This is a mature book meaning that it contains the following:

• Cursing 
• Sexual scenes 
• Uncomfortable positions in different POV. 
• Triggering scenes

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wait...if you dot want anyone to read it.....why the hell did you put it on wattpad?
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welllllllllllllll im on the 13th chapter of my Danti  x chil reader fic...does that count? lol
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