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My first love ( Completed)

My first love ( Completed)

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Sabiha Tamanna By SabihaTamanna Updated 3 days ago

my first love
  We can see a hotel room there two persons is very busy in making out n they r not other than the Manik malhtra and his P.A soha khurana
  (shocked right)
  Lets see what happens next
  Soha: Sir I think you need to stop it now
  Manik: Noh I m not till satisfy
  Soha: Sir can i say u something
  Manik: Hmmm
  ( actually they both talk while they are do making out)
  Soha: Sir I love you
  It's like dome for Manik n he come out from her 
  Soha with scared voice: Sir did I said something wrong?
  Manik: Of course u did dame it cz just nandini can love me ok n I just love nandini ok
  Soha: If u love ur wife so much then why u come to me?
  Manik: This is not ur business and I pay u for this so just fulfil my desire
  Soha: That I will cz I love u n if ever nandini get to know about us then she left u n what will u do that time
  Manik with angry voice: She will never get to know ok n if u dare to say anything to her
  Soha in mind: Manik I want you n because of that I can do anything
  Soha: Ok I won't n lets do that we were doing sometimes before
  Manik: Lets do it

note:I m going to private my this story so if u want to read then follow me

Omg dude.. he is going on a vacation with soha.. leaving his wife alone here.. this cant b luv man.. he jst lusts around fr every body..even nandu too.. i hope she gets to knw abt the truth soon..
I know its a story n believe or not in real life these kinda things r really happening. But its so wrong.
Interesting.. bt manik doing wrong wid nandu.. she luvs him so much..nd if he too really luvd her thn y is he doing all this..
If he love nandu then y is he cheating on her . No matter what no wife deservea this.
RupaBhulanja RupaBhulanja Aug 12, 2016
First of all welcome come and yes a fab start..... Although I hate Soha and Manik's make out 😭😭😭
Torasharma Torasharma Aug 10, 2016
Amazing dear... Waiting for next se bhi next se bhi next se bhi next wala part... U know na konsa part