Dog Days (EXO Fanfic)

Dog Days (EXO Fanfic)

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김치 By KimchiiDesu Updated Aug 08, 2016

The cute and loving Xiumin we all know is actually a fake. He is actually a rude and incompetent man, EXO members have no choice but to hide this side of him.

But he one day finds himself inside a dog's body! Is this the karma that he deserves from all his evil deeds or is this simply bad luck?

Who would have thought that the impossible was actually possible?!

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Yukino_Mel Yukino_Mel Jun 05, 2017
Wow, this was unexpected. The cute baozi is actually a very rude person. Jesus
Nicole_is_here Nicole_is_here Jun 24, 2017
thanks for kicking me in the damn stomach and now i threw up all the trash i ate for lunch
Ayya_x Ayya_x Nov 17, 2017
So what ? Noe we are going to ship a haman being with a dog ? 
                              I'm down
Nicole_is_here Nicole_is_here Jun 24, 2017
okay then try moving a rock first without thumbs before attempting anything as big as a trash can as a puppy
Nicole_is_here Nicole_is_here Jun 24, 2017
know we can all experience being what we all wanted to be as 5 year-olds 
                              a dog
baejinist baejinist Aug 08, 2016
Hey, don't kick the trash can, the trash has feelings for Phil Lester. If you hurt Dan again, I'll make sure to remove those precious eyes of yours.