Silence And Chaos

Silence And Chaos

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valerie By orchestrations Updated 5 days ago

Alastair Rodgers, despite his crooked cigarettes and pretentious, rebellious soul is a misfit. He puts up facades, smokes because he's supposed to, laughs because his friends deem it appropriate, and loves a little harder than his bad boy capsule allows him to.

Caught in a web of heartbreak and cruelty meticulously spun by a series of events, Alastair learns the cold hard truth:

Happy pills don't alter reality, and heartbreak is inevitable.

{cover by the awesome @evoquant}

wonderful beginning. it's intriguing, makes me want to keep reading .
Okay wow. I love your descriptions and this is just the synopsis
This sounds absolutely amazing, only one small thing I noticed here at the end, you say "donut proceed" where I think you may have meant "do not proceed" . This story sounds outstanding though, can't wait to get started! :)
Wow. You actually bothered to make a sypnosis! That's so nice of you! I know more about some of the characters, and I know who the other characters are, too. Can't wait to start reading~
This is insanely good. I'm so envious of you right now. 😍😍
I enjoyed reading the synopsis that is helpful and well written and I am going to read on.