Silence And Chaos

Silence And Chaos

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valerie By orchestrations Updated Jun 17

Alastair Rodgers, despite his crooked cigarettes and pretentious, rebellious soul is a misfit. He puts up facades, smokes because he's supposed to, laughs because his friends deem it appropriate, and loves a little harder than his bad boy capsule allows him to.

Caught in a web of heartbreak and cruelty meticulously spun by a series of events, Alastair learns the cold hard truth:

Happy pills don't alter reality, and heartbreak is inevitable.

2016, valerie ©

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That was a really beautifully written description, it didn't really give much away about the 'whys and whats' of the story, more focusing on just the 'who's', but that's okay because it adds an element of mystery. I look forward to reading more.
                              Lol, I'm way too excited for this book.
EmilyEye EmilyEye May 29
I feel as though I have just stumbled upon a secret, one I didn't want to know. The fact that Rita has a main part in the synopsis makes me think she won't just be a one time thing for Alas. If only I could help Zara stay strong, for the impending trouble in paradise...
booksmychoice booksmychoice Oct 10, 2016
wonderful beginning. it's intriguing, makes me want to keep reading .
gfghgggffdx gfghgggffdx Aug 24, 2016
Okay wow. I love your descriptions and this is just the synopsis
SomeNovelWriter SomeNovelWriter Aug 29, 2016
This sounds absolutely amazing, only one small thing I noticed here at the end, you say "donut proceed" where I think you may have meant "do not proceed" . This story sounds outstanding though, can't wait to get started! :)