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Heartbeat ~ Scorbus fanfic

Heartbeat ~ Scorbus fanfic

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Kayla By Shippingfangirl013 Updated Apr 14

This story takes place AFTER the Cursed Child.  
  Scorpius is in love with Rose, he's been love struck since the day he met her. He loved everything about her, her hair, her eyes, her intelligence, her wit, and her sass. No one was better than Rose, and he was determined to make her his- even if it meant waiting along with years of persuasion.
  Albus is in love with Scorpius. And who wouldn't be? What with the boy's personality, his geekiness, his cleverness, and his sense of humor, anyone would love him. 
  Nyx Light is a fifth year from the United States. She moved to London with her family, and being part of the wizarding world, she had gone to Ilvermorny and was in the house of Pukwudgie. She'll find that things at Hogwarts are very different from what she's used to at home.  And along with her, may come some interesting visitors. 
  With new friends and old alike, there will be mischief to be managed, and adventures that are waiting, this year will be one of the best yet, and many more great years will follow. 
  I do not own any of the characters from
  the Harry Potter series.
  (except OC's in the book) 
  (Some of the ideas will be mine, so I own those as well.) 
  August 10th, 2016. © 
  All rights reserved (minus the characters I don't own).

Aren't thestrals the horses you can only see by witnessing and accepting death?
                              Omg that's a lot of people...
                              And Scorpius, I'm sorry my blonde baby.
Ho ho she would not ask them. She's hella pissed they got of the train in CC
Vegan_Negan Vegan_Negan Aug 27, 2016
That was my very first dog's name was (RIP to the little shît who hated me)
Sofia360z Sofia360z Nov 03, 2016
                              ROSE IM SORRY BUT BACK THE FÜCK UP
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Try being more subtle, sweetie. Or add a little more sarcasm in ya' tone
faerietyler faerietyler Aug 22, 2016
loved this, been rlly struggling to find well written scorbus fics but this one's gr88