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The Joker Imagines

The Joker Imagines

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☆clown princess of crime☆ By MistahJsQueen Updated Oct 18, 2016

Yes hello, this is going to be a book of imagines/preferences/etc about Jared Leto's joker. Feel free to request anything you'd like.

WARNING: this is more than likely going include sexual content, violence, swearing, and possibly use of drugs and alcohol. You've been warned.

baecon baecon Aug 18, 2016
I believe we sell English Muffins here in this fine establishment sir
_live_and_die_ _live_and_die_ Aug 11, 2016
Can I request an imagine? Make the joker be best friends with bruce waynes sister but they end up having sex or like making out and he walks in on them? I really would like to see that o3o
baecon baecon Aug 18, 2016
Yes we got E-TMYAS$ that goes good with a cocktail afterwards
baecon baecon Aug 18, 2016
no mostly turned on but I don't know exactly how to express it rn