Set It Free

Set It Free

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kennalane11 By kennalane11 Updated Sep 30, 2016

Alex laid on her bed in tears wiping her eyes as the room was filled with dead silence. She heard a door slam down the hall and knew Tobin had gone into Cheney's a few rooms down. 

Alex sat up on the bed and bit her lip. That's when her phone buzzed. 

Amy - "Do you know what happened to Tobin? She's upset over something." 

Amy was rooming with Cheney, so she knew her assumption was correct. She felt another tear roll down her face as she put the phone down and tried to take a deep breath. 

Alex - "She'll tell you everything when she's ready, I'm sure." 

Alex wasn't sure if that text made any sense, but she dropped her phone on the bed sheets and stood up. Alex put on Tobin's UNC hoodie and called Allie. There were 3 rings before she heard her best friends voice. 

"Can I come over? I need someone to talk to," Alex said through the phone in a raspy voice. 

"Um... Sure. What's wrong?" Allie asked concerned. 

"I'll be there in 10 minutes," Alex said as she grabbed the keys to the c...

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