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It's a time of year when hedgehogs go through heat. But... now there's a problem with it. Now that Sonic and Shadow are getting to an age, 14, where they can hardly take it, they need to rely on each other to get the relief they need.

(Tails was adopted when the twins were 8. The twins were adopted when they were six)

Pair is Sonic and Shadow, so please, if you hate these two together, do not click/tap the read button. You would be wasting mine and your time.

For people who do enjoy this couple as much as I do, well then.

(Credit goes to ginnydabomb1996 for the regular story. I just changed it to a Sonadow and edited it but all credit goes to her)


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Ok. I've read this about four times in a row, but, what's 'the book' at the beginning?
JackORandom JackORandom Oct 14, 2017
I think this book is slightly a masterpiece so far, because it goes along with nature and seasons. You get what I mean.
SonAdow967 SonAdow967 Mar 24
Quite interesting due to "seasonal heat" which does occur in most  hedgehogs anyway you get what I mean right?.
Legiontales Legiontales Dec 26, 2017
Sonic you are so freaking innocent yet you are a playboy in the cartoons graphic novels and in the comics
Cloudsthehedgefox99 Cloudsthehedgefox99 Aug 26, 2017
im highly offended 
                              jk im not lol, but in australia we call eachother boi's and chicks XD
rosaplayer rosaplayer Mar 03, 2017
i highly dawt that, knowing how these stories usaully go. The'll just become mates anyway so whats the point.