Precious Insanity ¥ Theo Raeken

Precious Insanity ¥ Theo Raeken

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"Wakey wakey, sleeping beauty."

'Kill him' The voices in her head spoke for the first time. 'Or fuck him. Up to you.' 

"What the fuck did you do to me." Kennedy sat up, rubbing her throbbing head.

"Ooo.."Theo chuckled, darkly. "She's swearing. That's something I haven't heard from you before."


In which Theo Raeken drives Kennedy Adams to insanity.

Teen Wolf season 5 + 6 
Theo Raeken
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rosecoes rosecoes Aug 17, 2016
I hope Kenn goes to Theo house and studies the night Stiles is stalking Theo. Kenn and Theo have some moments. Theo brings her to the bridge and explains the story and then  she Stiles and they get into a agruemnt