Could You Love Me Anyway

Could You Love Me Anyway

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RucasIsLife By LucasTheCowboy4 Updated Nov 23

Riley move back to New York, she notice that everything is the same expect for one thing, that one thing is Lucas Friar. She notice that he hangs out with the wrong crowd, he change the way he dresses just a little bit, he more handsome looking, he has more muscles then the last time she saw him.

When Lucas see Riley back, he can't help but fall in love with her again but he always love her no matter what, he has more secrets to tell her,  he notice that she gotten more beautiful but she always been so beautiful to him, she change her look as well, he notice she plays sports now but all he wants is HER! he hoping that he turns back into the lucas she always knows.

Farkle and Maya like each other and they need to find what they looking for in their relationship let's see where they lead their relationship.

Update please!! I love this story and it's only chapter 1!!!! :)