Let it Rain (Baekyeon fanfic) COMPLETED

Let it Rain (Baekyeon fanfic) COMPLETED

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Taeyeon's #1 fangirl By taeyeondiary Completed

Byun Baekhyun is a typical playboy who plays with girls' feelings. 

He thought that the rain only brings bad luck, until he met her. 

Kim Taeyeon; who dreams of being a professional photographer and ends up falling in love. 

Everything was great until an incident happened to them, which caused them to separate. 

7 years later.....
Will they meet again? 
Or even fall in love like back then?

The Wattpad story "When it Rains" inspired me to write this fanfic.

My Mistake😂😂😂 It was actually Suzy😂😂😂😑😑