Treat You Better. (ON-GOING)

Treat You Better. (ON-GOING)

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tamikacataleya By tamikacataleya Updated Oct 26

"Respeto?? Huh.. big word! 
Wala kang makukuha sa aking respeto Snow!! You're the one who caused me to much pain kaya wala kang karapatang masaktan!! It's all you're fault Kaya namnamin mo ang galit ko sayo!!" 

Galit na galit na sabi nito..

We're married 

but that doesn't mean that he's in love with me because God knows how much he hates me.
He hates everything about me that it always break my heart into pieces. 

He don't even give a shit about me.

He always make me feel unwanted.

And that's because he's in love with a married woman who happened to be my

 Step Sister..

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Nzan..frst chapter palang nakkaintriga na huh..exciting♡♡♡♡♡
Hahahaha. Ana jud nang gugma te.. 
                              When we love someone we are also intended to get hurt. 
                              Because love means pain also...
Waaaahhh!!!!!! Hahaha ate daghan biya ko mali2 na English spelling ug grammar. Sa phone raman gud ko naga update mao nang di nko ma check akung mga mali. 😃
Why oh is really unfair..sometimes we turn to love someone who can't even love us back in return...tssskkk..tssskkk...anton...anton..anton...nkkasakit kna huh..ngccmula plng story..hehehe..