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Selena Gomez, an undercover spy trying to avenge her parents death, she's rocking it out living her own life and trying to find her parent's murderer, Ian SomerHaulder. but what if a so called FBI asked her to join them and together they could search for Ian? and what if she meets a guy named Justin Bieber and made him her partner? 

Find out in "UNDERCOVER"

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Ninjagolover456 Ninjagolover456 Nov 26, 2017
When she got that knife\dagger out her boot to cut her free, and the guys were clueless
britney3510 britney3510 Mar 17, 2016
I loved the book, so far it's amazing! My friend, Hailey wrote a book and she would appreciate if you could read it and give her your opinion. Her account is @Haileybliss and her book is called Undercover during a zombie apocalypse.
aroundmyheart aroundmyheart Mar 23, 2014
I liked how Selena untied herself and everyone was like "HOW'D YOU DO THAT?!?"
gomezrauhlz_ gomezrauhlz_ Nov 08, 2013
@bxngingdrew how many times do I have to say that I didnt steal this story. its my story and she I told her to put it on youtube now its my turn to put my OWN STORY in my OWN ACCOUNT.
gomezrauhlz_ gomezrauhlz_ Nov 08, 2013
and @xLoveJelena I did not stole that story. this story was given to me by the owner. and I wouldn't even put it here if she wouldn't let me. and plus this story is from youtube.
gomezrauhlz_ gomezrauhlz_ Nov 08, 2013
@abarna its coz im the same person yhat told her that story and its only fair for me to put my own story my way. and besides I told her that story so I should havemu rights in putting my own story "I Spy Love" in my own channel.